Private Classes

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Private yoga sessions are great for anyone who wants individualized attention to either begin or continue their practice. It can be particularly beneficial for working with specific health concerns/injuries and for those who want a customized program.

Included in a private session


For each private client, Sara researches what poses and practices would be best for any goals and health concerns they may have. This allows you and Sara to co-create an informed program tailored specifically for your needs.

Tailored sequences

During the sessions Sara will take photos of you in poses and send them with instructions so you can use them during home practice. Sequences will be made to support the your continued practice on your own between and after private sessions.

Print-outs for home practice

Sara will also provide printouts of sequences as well as any other practices used in the private sessions. That way you can continue to refer to what you learned anytime you practice on your own.

Skills to take you farther

In private sessions you can learn how to best modify for your needs without worry. This supports you in making informed choices about your practice and modification options both at home and in group classes.

In person private sessions vary from $60-$75 depending on the location. Virtual private sessions are held through Zoom Video Meetings and cost $50 for an hour session.

Book a private yoga session

Contact Sara via email (, the contact form below, or message her on social media and she will be happy to schedule you at any of the three studio locations where she teaches ongoing classes.