Corporate Yoga

Why yoga is beneficial in a work setting

Yoga practiced in a corporate work setting has many benefits. Research indicates that regular yoga practice can relieve stress, promote focus and renew energy. That means employees can work through the afternoon low energy slump and handle demanding situations with more ease. The regular stretching in a yoga practice can also alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain that are associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time. As classes are done in groups it can also improve the sense of community employees feel with their co-workers.

A yoga program can save money

Since yoga lowers stress it also increases a person’s ability to fight off infections. This means offering yoga to your employees can also lower health costs and may need to take fewer sick days. Studies say that companies that enact wellness programs such as yoga classes lower health insurance premiums. Research even says companies can save an average of $3-6 dollars for every $1 invested in a wellness program.

How to offer a yoga program in your office

Find a Space

All you need to provide is an open space or room in which to practice. Mats and blocks will be provided though students are welcome to bring their own if they prefer. No previous yoga experience is required and all levels are welcome.

Choose a Time

Classes can be offered before, during or after your office hours. You can choose the length of class you want to offer. This can be as concise as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours. An average class is often between 45 minutes and 75 minutes. This could be a one time class, possibly as an end of year or special occasion thank you to your students, or a weekly/monthly ongoing class.

Choose a Format

  • General Yoga Class: Includes physical movement, a short breathing practice and a short meditation.
  • Yoga for Stress Reduction: Physical movement with an emphasis on calming poses, breathing practice and meditation. Information on how to relieve stress and anxiety both on and off the mat will also be included during the session.
  • Yoga for Physical Discomfort: A physical practice that will include special attention to problem areas in the body caused by movements and postures required in the work environment. This could include neck, shoulder and back pain from sitting at a desk, carpal tunnel syndrome and receptive strain injuries.
  • Custom Class: Work with me to tailor a class specifically to the needs of your employees.


Pricing varies based on number of classes, number of students and the length of the class itself. A 45-60 minute class of up to 20 people is $50. Each person after 20 is an extra $5/person. Please contact me for more specific pricing.

Yoga for all groups

Classes can be beneficial for more than just corporations such as:

  • Schools
  • Athletic Programs
  • Special group events

Get started with your yoga program

Contact me to set up your on-site yoga program.