You are already perfect, exactly as you are

Yogic teaching

Yoga is an opportunity to practice awareness and compassion for both yourself and others. Sara’s classes find a balance between dedication and not taking anything too seriously. You won’t get shunned for talking (or laughing) in the middle of class. Laughter, questions and observations are encouraged. Every class includes movement, breathing practices and sometimes a short meditation or guided relaxation.

So many ways to practice


Enjoy live classes with Sara from the comfort of your own home.


Ongoing weekly group classes at three studios in Northwest Ohio.


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One on one sessions to get the most out of your practice.

Workshops + Events

Sara teaches at a few regular events like Candles and Yoga, and Monthly Yoga to Soothe Anxiety. Often workshops in special topics such as Yoga for Anxiety, and Fascia Release are offered during the year.

Corporate Yoga

Schedule a yoga event or ongoing class with Sara at your workplace. This could be a thank you event to your employees or an ongoing class to support their health and wellness goals.