Three Brooches and an Unforgettable Adventure

The project:  Make a brooch to commemorate an event in my life.  Make the back as interesting as the front. I made three.  Because sometimes I’m an over-achiever when it comes to my art classes.  And because with more than one I could tell more of the story. The story, as far as I rememberContinue reading “Three Brooches and an Unforgettable Adventure”

Hello Again and the Importance of Doodling

Hello, it’s been awhile!  The last few weeks have consisted of preparing to move, moving and (the most important) unpacking and settling back in after moving.  As of about three days ago my studio is all unpacked and ready to be made into a (not really) controlled mess again.  It feels good to have myContinue reading “Hello Again and the Importance of Doodling”

Three New Designs and a Postcard from a Messy Studio

It’s an exciting new week with new designs to start making!  As I mentioned in my last post, a local gallery has asked to carry my work and I’m pretty much up the wall with excitement.  I’ve never been carried in a commercial art gallery so this is a new and wonderful experience!  Since itContinue reading “Three New Designs and a Postcard from a Messy Studio”