A Short Comic and an Update on the New Tea Set

Sometimes the lifespan of a project goes like this.  I’m somewhere between three and twelve weeks now.  Nothing quite looks like anything at this point.  Which is how projects always seem to start. Mostly there has been an awful lot of hammering. It’s amazing that not long ago the two domes above were once flat circlesContinue reading “A Short Comic and an Update on the New Tea Set”

My Big Metals Project for Spring Semester

Do you ever get those ideas that grow and grow in your mind and on paper until sketching them out is not enough?  And then you have no choice but to make those ideas exist in the real world, no matter how hard or time consuming?  I had my idea for my spring jewelry andContinue reading “My Big Metals Project for Spring Semester”

The End of the Semester and Two Shiny Boxes

The semester is winding down its last week and like most college students at the end of semester when projects are due, I’ve been busy!  Today I finished not one, but two projects.  One, the Honey Bee Box from the beginning of semester, shined up beautifully! There are fifteen individual layers in the lid. AndContinue reading “The End of the Semester and Two Shiny Boxes”

How to Juggle Multiple Projects Without Going Crazy

Whew!  It has been an exciting beginning of the semester!  My box is still in the process of being finished and already I’m moving on to the next project.  And in just a couple weeks I’ll be starting project three!  It’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm and energy necessary for such a fast pacedContinue reading “How to Juggle Multiple Projects Without Going Crazy”

Art Student vs. The Integral Hinge! And Fight!

Fall semester is in its second week and I have my first project:  The Integral Hinge.  Suffice to say, this project is a little outside of my norm and just a few centimeters outside my comfort zone.  It’s highly technical, requiring precise (perfect, meticulous, exact) use of both tools and materials.  One swipe too manyContinue reading “Art Student vs. The Integral Hinge! And Fight!”

Summer Carving Intensive Part 5: The Final Week

It’s the end of my summer class and it was fantastic!  There’s nothing better (or at least very little better, in my opinion) than spending summer mornings outside carving stone.  No, as you can see, I did not finish the sculpture.  But I still accomplished a lot in six weeks!  The block of stone lookedContinue reading “Summer Carving Intensive Part 5: The Final Week”

Summer Carving Intensive Part 4: Plight of the Inspiration Junky

You have an idea.  And it is brilliant.  In fact, it’s probably the best idea you’ve ever had.  You spin out a sketch in five minutes, grab all the supplies you’ll need and, powered by excitement and confidence, plunge into the project like a whirlwind of productivity. Then the novelty is worn away by the daily tediumContinue reading “Summer Carving Intensive Part 4: Plight of the Inspiration Junky”

Summer Stone Carving Intensive Part 3: A Carver’s Zen

I’ve come to a realization during the last three weeks of this class:  Carving is my favorite therapy.  Let’s face it, life can be down right frustrating even when it doesn’t seem impossible.  But carving, for me, is like meditation.  It’s a step back to focus on something simpler, more immediate, and more concrete.  I mean,Continue reading “Summer Stone Carving Intensive Part 3: A Carver’s Zen”

How to Make a Summer Intensive More Intense

1. Come up with an idea that is too awesome to throw out This is usually my first problem in any art class.  I start sketching, fall in love with the idea (which is often a good idea if the time-frame to complete the project was a year–in this class I have six weeks) andContinue reading “How to Make a Summer Intensive More Intense”