Exclusive Collections

Karuna House Mala Bracelets

These short Karuna Mala Bracelets each have a sterling silver tag with the word “karuna” stamped into it which means compassion in Sanskrit. Each bracelet is then made of natural gemstone beads on stretch cord. Designed for Karuna House, a wellness center in Perrysburg, Ohio, a portion of each sale goes to help patients with PTSD pay for their therapy. They can be purchased online through Etsy or in person at Karuna House.

Only Good Vibes

A mantra is a phrase, in some cases with a strong “I am” statement, that with regular repetition becomes something a person believes about his or herself. Only Good Vibes is about using this mantra to express your awesome and quirky self. The collection is made with sterling silver charms on a sterling silver plated chain in for the necklaces, and copper and natural gemstones for the bracelets. Each piece has two charms, one of a dancer and another with a mantra stamped in it. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of who we are to get through life’s obstacles.

This collection is available exclusively at Dancer’s Pointe in Perrysburg, Ohio.

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