Yoga in the Park

The last couple summers it has been a morning treat to ride my bike to Riverside Park and practice yoga by the river. There are always birds singing and swooping over the river and the fresh air is perfect for settling me into my practice.  I am so excited that this summer I get to… Continue reading Yoga in the Park


FOREST RIVER SONG: An Artist Comic Book by Sara Kear

My artist made comic book is not published on The Odd Ducks! Check it out along with the work of a lot of other awesome artists!

The Odd Ducks

Forest River Song was made with unryu paper, linen thread, board, Rendr paper and artist markers.  The most time consuming and enjoyable part of the process was laying out the pages to make sure that turning each one would uncover the next part of the story.  In its own small way the comic is about using meditation to sit with and overcome fear.  It is a reminder that all darkness passes and the world is always a beautiful place. –Sara


kear16Sara Kear is an artist working with metal, fiber, paper and stories.  A love of small objects has led her to making jewelry, small sculpture and little books filled with comics.  She lives in Ohio with a demonic cat which may be part of the reason why she enjoys making stories about girls fighting and sometimes befriending monsters.  After forming a truce with her cat, she is now pursuing a…

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Jasper Teaches Concentration and Mindfulness

Here's a short little comic about the quiet life at home with independent and aloof cats.  Some of which are neither independent or aloof.  Or quiet. Check out more four panel short comics in my portfolio. More about my whirlwind of current projects in the next post!  Have a good day!  


A comic page from pencil to color

One of my favorite things is seeing a project transform from the first sketch into the final colorful object.  I love getting lost in the process from beginning to end! This comic page started with the Doodle a Day Challenge at The Wanderers (the fantastic Facebook page of Theresa Williams where she chronicles her ideas for… Continue reading A comic page from pencil to color


I’m Published!

I received my very own two copies of Prairie Margins, Bowling Green State University's undergraduate literary magazine last week.  My very own free copies.  The kind you get when your work is in the magazine.  I opened them right away and turned to see proof that the emails regarding the acceptance of my submission were… Continue reading I’m Published!


Hello Again and the Importance of Doodling

Hello, it's been awhile!  The last few weeks have consisted of preparing to move, moving and (the most important) unpacking and settling back in after moving.  As of about three days ago my studio is all unpacked and ready to be made into a (not really) controlled mess again.  It feels good to have my… Continue reading Hello Again and the Importance of Doodling


What I Learned from a Commission and a Little About Obsessions

Last week I received a commission to make another Birdies pendant.  The original was made about seven years ago before I knew, and felt comfortable using, patinas, when I was just getting excited about riveting and cut metal designs and when experimentation was more important than the end result.  This last one is still the… Continue reading What I Learned from a Commission and a Little About Obsessions


H-E-L-L-O W-O-R-L-D, and a little about cardboard boxes

Hello and welcome to my shiny new artist blog! I've made things (drawings, stories, jewelry, sculpture, the occasional catastrophe) all my life.  I don't know how to not make things.  There was an attempt at stopping the madness of creating once.  Predictably, it failed miserably.  A couple years ago I returned to college to finish… Continue reading H-E-L-L-O W-O-R-L-D, and a little about cardboard boxes