New Animal Rings!

I am excited to introduce my new collection of animal rings! These adorable sterling silver rings have sturdy bands and work well as stackable rings or on their own. The little animals are hand cut and engraved for detail. Each one is $30 and can be found in my Etsy shop. I will continue to add new animals to the collection but here are the first six!



Flying Bird




I am looking forward making more cute critter rings. I just have to decide what creature to do next!

Animal Rings-1

What’s your favorite animal??


Labor Day Sale!

This weekend is my first ever Labor Day Sale! Saturday, September 2nd through Monday, September 4th get 10% off everything in my Etsy shop! It’s time to get that necklace (those earrings, that ring, that mala bracelet…) that you’ve always wanted! Go to!

labor day 17 01

So give these little goats and their many animal friends a home as you treat yourself (or someone you love) with some new jewelry for fall!

I’m on the Moon!

You can now purchase my work at Copper Moon Studio, Gallery and Gifts on Airport Highway in Holland, Ohio!


I am so excited to have my work join that of many other skilled artists in this gallery. And the people who work at and run Copper Moon are amazing, too! Currently they have a collection of my layered pendants (including several new, never before seen pieces!) and a couple of 108 bead malas.

Go to the Moon to see these pendants, earrings and malas! Plus take a look at the newest additions to my the layered pendants in my Small Moments Collection. These little guys are even smaller than my original layered pendants to make perfect dainty necklaces!

necklace - small mouse 1.jpg

Five are currently available at Copper Moon and more are on the way! Seriously, this mouse pendant is only 3/4 inch tall!


I have so much more to share but that’s all for now. Meanwhile, go see these and many more beautiful things at Copper Moon!

Copper Moon Studio, Gallery and Gifts
8007 Airport Highway
Holland, Ohio

Monday – Saturday 10-6
Sunday 12-5


Branches Wedding Collection

I recently had the absolute joy of making an entire collection for an amazing couple’s wedding. It is so much fun making a cohesive collection of jewelry pieces. I love working with a single theme and seeing where it takes me. The couple wanted the pieces to incorporate the look of branches, be made of sterling silver and include stones they had gathered at a lake for their pieces and kyanite for the bridesmaids. Other than that I was given a budget and able to do whatever I wanted within those parameters.  So amazing!

So here it is, the Branches Wedding Collection!

The bridesmaids each got a necklace and earrings of sterling silver and kyanite. Each necklace was made to be slightly unique. Because you know, it’s more fun to make everything a little different. 

The bride’s earrings. The stones and fossils were found by the bride and groom on a lakeside vacation. We then took them, sorted out the possible favorites and tumbled them all over the course of two months! I hadn’t tumbled stones since I was a kid so it was a ton of fun to relearn about the whole process. Not to mention how satisfying it is to take out the newly shiny pebbles!

The bride’s bracelet. 

A mala bracelet made of olive wood and knotted silk for the groom. Anyone else interested in short, adjustable knotted silk mala bracelets? I enjoyed making it, even got the chance to relearn a macrame knot!

I also had the opportunity to make my first hair comb! I now want to make these for everyday wear!

Her necklace. 

And no wedding set is complete without the rings!

Her rings are made of sterling silver, malachite and Quartz with dumortierite inclusions. The rings nest together with the quartz as the engagement ring and the malachite as the wedding ring. 

And last but not least, the groom’s wedding band. 

This one also included keum boo, fusing thin sheets of high karat gold to fine silver, for the leaves. Such a beautiful effect!

Thanks so much to this beautiful couple for giving me the opportunity to make this series! And congratulations on continuing your lives together!

What do you think of my new jewelry series? Would you like to see branch pieces available in my Etsy Shop? Do you have a wedding coming up and want a custom piece or pieces made just for you and your partner? 

Fireflies: A Photo Journal of the Making Process

This commission started with the luxurious image of fireflies dancing around cattails and a pond on a moonlit night. A pretty piece of prasiolite (green quartz) was to be used to signify the pond and little 3mm round peridot cabochons were to be made into fireflies. I fell in love with the serenity of this scene in my head and was super excited to make the pendant!


Before I could get to the pretty imagery, the structure of the pendant had to be made.


Once the basic structure was soldered together it was time to start on the fun stuff. Fireflies were cut out around the settings for the peridots, the moon’s craters were carved, and the cattails were formed from sterling silver and copper hammered wire.


As I went, I continually placed the pieces where they would be connected to see how it was coming together.


The foreground was fit in by slowly filing a piece of copper sheet until it fit perfectly to the curve of the pendant’s frame.


The whole pendant is only an inch across but it has over forty separate pieces!


These dirty pieces of copper are one of my favorite tools. They can prop up parts that need to be soldered together. Because they are so gross with oxidization and grime, the solder will not fuse to them, allowing them to prop up a part without fear of being stuck together after the solder flows.


I am a big fan of itty bitty pieces of solder. My professor in college called these flea poop sized pieces of solder! Using only as much solder as you need is important in making clean joints in metal fabrication.


Dirty prop and flea poop solder ready for the fire!


By the end a whole bunch of tools were used and a few different techniques. The result of those forty tiny pieces of metal was exactly what I had hoped: A tranquil scene of fireflies, cattails and the moon.

Johari Fireflies

If you like this pendant peruse my other commission work here. And feel free to contact me with your own idea for a unique piece for you or someone special.

June Jewelry Party!

1706 Jewelry Party


Join me this Saturday for a fun morning of handmade jewelry and delicious drinks at My Daily Grind Coffeehouse form 10am to noon! There will be jewelry pieces for sale and gemstones to peruse. I will be taking commissions and talking all things jewelry!

June Jewelry Class: Mala Bracelet

1706 Jewelry Class - Mala

Friday, June 30, 7-9pm

122 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, Ohio

Sign up online at

Spend a fun Friday evening with friends making your own personal 108 bead mala bracelet!

These beautiful bracelets originated as part of buddhist and hindu meditation practices and today can be a gorgeous part of your yoga lifestyle.

When you purchase a ticket you will choose from the River Mala, Earth Mala or Forest Mala. These are the natural gemstone beads that will be provided for you along with metal spacer beads and a handmade copper bird charm, made by Sara specifically for this class.

In addition you may choose to add on extra charms of your choice. Simply choose the ticket for which mala beads you want then also pick the appropriate add on ticket for each extra charm you want. Sara will contact you to find out what kind of charm(s) you are interested in and she will make them just for you!

Ticket sales end Wednesday, June 21 to give Sara time to order in your supplies. All supplies provided.

Check back next month for a completely new jewelry class!


April Jewelry Party!

1704 Jewelry Party

Saturday, April 8, 10am – noon
At My Daily Grind Coffeehouse
120 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, Ohio

Join me this Saturday for a fun morning of handmade jewelry and delicious drinks at My Daily Grind Coffeehouse form 10am to noon! There will be jewelry pieces for sale and gemstones to peruse. I will be taking commissions and talking all things jewelry!

April Jewelry Class: Rose Quartz Necklace

1704 April Jewelry Class - Mala

April Jewelry Class: Rose Quartz Necklace


Friday, April 28
7:00 – 9:00 pm
122 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg

Sign up through Eventbrite at
Registration ends Thursday, April 20

Spend a fun Friday evening with friends making your own layered necklace! You will learn how to close a bezel setting around a stone, how to use letter stamps on metal and how to work with wire and chain. And at the end of the evening you will have a beautiful necklace with genuine rose quartz, sterling silver and a meaningful word or name stamped on the pendant to make it truly yours.