Sara Kear is an artist living in Ohio along the muddy and beautiful Maumee River. Her primary focus is metals and jewelry, in which she received a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University. In her time spent not playing with silver and gemstones, she dabbles in writing, yoga, meditation, illustration and exploring the natural world. It is the vibrance of the earth, the intensity of its storms, the glory of its oceans and the mind emptying awe of each of its creatures as they traverse every curve of the planet that inspires her work. She believes that the same marvelous, wild spark so visible in nature resides within everyone. This is what drives her to share her work as a reflection of what she sees in the world and its people. In this way she hopes her work will bring each person just a little more joy and the knowledge that they are both loved and worth loving.

She teaches many classes locally March through October. Check out her current class schedule or follow her here for updates by entering your email in the follow section of the sidebar.

Her work can be purchased through select galleries, by becoming her patron on Patreon, through Etsy and made by commission.