My favorite pose for relaxation

This pose, reclining bound angle (supta baddha konasana in Sanskrit) is one of my all time favorites for relaxation. When I feel like every fiber in my body is made of stress laying down in this pose does the trick to support me in finding calm. The bolster opens my chest to give my lungs room to breathe more fully. As I lie there I lengthen my exhales longer than my inhales – which promotes a relaxation response in the body. I then take the time I need to breathe, be and reconnect with the center of peace in my body and mind.

You do not have to have a bolster, a couple of pillows work well. And you do not need to be able to put the soles of your feet together. You can cross your legs or lay them out straight. The point is to find comfort with a slight stretch in your body. Allow that comfort to soothe your mind.

Do you have a favorite pose, breath or other technique you use to find your calm?

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