New Narwhal Jewelry!

I have been making a lot of new jewelry lately – which has been fantastic fun! A recent mini obsession was with narwhals. Yes. Those awkward looking sea creatures with the giant tusk sticking out of their heads. A patron asked for a custom narwhal pendant for her daughter. And – confession – when someone asks for flora or fauna I don’t know much about I scour the internet for information on it. Curiosity must be sated.


So I made this pendant and learned that the narwhal tusk is actually a single tooth that grows out of their lip and spirals the the left. Always to the left. And unlike most other animal teeth, the tusk is built inside out. Most teeth have enamel and other hard materials on the outside to protect a squishy, sensitive, nerve infested inside. Narwhals aren’t afraid of letting their sensitive side show. Their soft sensitive nerves are on the outside of the tusk with the hard materials supporting the structure on the inside. So they probably don’t use their tusks to break ice or fight because it would be like hitting an exposed nerve! Ouch!

In fact, there’s a lot about narwhals we don’t know – and I love mysteries! If you’re curiosity is piqued here is the main article I perused:

But I had so much fun with the narwhal pendant I decided to add them to the ever growing Creature Collection.

Narwhal Earrings 02.jpg

You can find all these adorable sea unicorns in my Etsy shop here.

Narwhal Ring 05.jpg

I am also introducing bangle bracelets! You can find this narwhal bracelet on Etsy as well as other stackable bangles here!

Narwhal Bangle 08.jpg

I want to take a moment to thank you all for your support in following my posts and checking out my jewelry and of course, purchasing some of it, too. It’s no fun being an artist with no community to share my work with. Thank you!

Soon I’ll tell you more about those bangle bracelets I’ve been hammering out!

Have a beautiful day!

Published by Sara

Sara Kear is an artist and yoga teacher living in Perrysburg, Ohio along the muddy and beautiful Maumee River. In her art she works with mixed metals in intricate hand cut and fabricated jewelry designs. Images in her work include nature, animals and mythological subjects. She came to yoga to help with her anxiety and depression and believes the movement, meditation and breathing practices aided her in finding both calm and joy in her life. Certified with a RYT-200 from Ashaya Yoga, her classes combine alignment based techniques, breath work and meditation with compassion and humor.

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