Branch Handfasting Rings

These rings were so much fun to make! I made them for an amazing couple’s handfasting recently. The stones are citrine (yellow, his birthstone) and peridot (green, her birthstone). They decided to swap the stones so that she would wear his birthstone and he would wear her birthstone. What a beautiful idea! They wanted them to both be branch-style rings but she wanted hers to be a bit more delicate and his needed to be a bit heavier looking.

Branch Wedding Ring Citrine 1

I fabricated the branches, sawing, shaping and soldering wire, then carved out all the texture all over both rings. The settings are actually my first handmade prong settings! There was a little bit of sweat and a few failed attempts but in the end they worked out perfectly and I was super pleased! There are definitely more prong settings in my future!

Branch Wedding Ring Citrine 2

Once the rings were done I used a patina to darken the peridot ring and bright polished the citrine ring, set the stones and watched them sparkle! Because, at least part of the reason I’m a jewelry artist is because of the shiny things in life.

Branch Wedding Ring Peridot 1

Branch Wedding Ring Peridot 2

I’m so glad they like their rings. And I’m starting to really get into this branch ring style. Now I want to make more!

Branch Wedding Rings set 2

Published by Sara

Sara Kear is an artist and yoga teacher living in Perrysburg, Ohio along the muddy and beautiful Maumee River. In her art she works with mixed metals in intricate hand cut and fabricated jewelry designs. Images in her work include nature, animals and mythological subjects. She came to yoga to help with her anxiety and depression and believes the movement, meditation and breathing practices aided her in finding both calm and joy in her life. Certified with a RYT-200 from Ashaya Yoga, her classes combine alignment based techniques, breath work and meditation with compassion and humor.

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