5 New Listings in my Etsy Shop

I’ve been working hard at updating my Etsy Shop lately! There are so many new things to check out including a couple new rings, a new one of a kind wrap mala bracelet and the all new custom gemstone pendant settings where you choose your setting and your stones!

Honey Drop Ring

Sterling silver, citrine

Confession: I sometimes eat honey by the spoonful. These little 3mm citrine cabochons I got in look exactly like perfect little drops of honey. So when my best friend mentioned making a tiny hexagonal setting for one of them I couldn’t resist! This is the result. A delicate little drop of honey in a wonderfully matched sterling silver ring.

Flower and Vines Setting

Sterling silver, and your choice of bloodstone, bumblebee jasper, pink opal, agate or aventurine
Prices start at $170

I love love love doing custom work. By its nature, jewelry is extraordinarily personal. Because of the intimacy of jewelry I think people should be able to determine exactly what they want to put on their bodies. To make that easier I have now added custom gemstone pendants to my Etsy Shop. You pick the setting (two are available at the moment, this is the first) and one of my carefully selected stones. Then I make a one of a kind pendant necklace just for you. Beautiful!

Cathedral Setting

Sterling silver and your choice of azurite, aventurine, bloodstone or bumblebee jasper
Prices start at $155

So I have a thing for Gothic churches with their flying buttresses, heavy architecture and light stained glass. That imagery is where this custom gemstone pendant necklace began. Just like the Flower and Vines Setting you choose the stone you like best. With either of the custome gemstone settings, if you want a stone you don’t see listed, just tell me and I will find you something perfect!

Simple Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling silver

I made this ring as a short break while working on a couple commissions (Yes, I take breaks from jewelry to make jewelry, haha!) and I have worn it every day since. A lot of the jewelry I wear has a meaning to me. This unassuming silver circle was made as a reminder that my life is whole, filled with everything I could ever want or need, all I have to do is look and remember. It is, of course, also a nice piece of accent jewelry worn alone or stacked with other rings.

Compassion Surmounts All Obstacles Wrap Mala

Sterling silver, amazonite, tree agate, rhodonite, crazy horse stone

The Hindu elephant god Ganesha is known as the Destroyer of Obstacles and has always been a favorite of mine. The lotus is a symbol of compassion. Compassion can get us through an awful lot of obstacles whether it compassion towards ourselves and what we perceive as our shortcomings or towards others. With that idea, I made this one of a kind wrist mala. All the stones are natural and all the sterling silver parts are hand made.

I hope you enjoyed this list of my new pretty things! Which one is your favorite?

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