Jewelry Classes

Getting Ready for July’s Mala Workshop


IMG_4672I just finished counting out all the natural gemstone beads for my Mala Bracelet Workshop this Friday from 7-9pm at Karuna House! Tomorrow I get to make the sweet handmade arrow charms for everyone. Which will be a total of fourteen arrows!

Arrows always make me think of being courageous, something everyone needs at some point in their lives. So this workshop’s beads center on stones related with confidence, strength and being downright fearless.

I love teaching these workshops and have been blessed to have every class fill up with amazing people, both new students and several who come back month after month. If you missed out on signing up for July’s class, no worries! I will post August’s Mala Bracelet Workshop in a week! August will feature new beads, new themes and a new handmade charm. Check back to find out the choices for the August Mala Workshop!

In the meantime I have some arrows to make and you are welcome to take a look at some of the other jewelry workshops I’ve taught!

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