Karuna Mala

Karuna House Mala Bracelets

This year I have been lucky to get connected with the beginning of the amazing Karuna House.

“Karuna House is a wellness center where one can come to explore, develop, and heal the psychology of their mind and body. Centrally located at 119 West Second Street, Perrysburg Ohio,  in an area that we have come to refer to as the “Wellness District.” Karuna House is a professional practice that hosts a diverse group of therapists who specialize in psychotherapy, mind, body, and spiritual health.” – Karuna House

They were looking for an artist to create a line of mala bracelets to sell at their wellness center. I was excited to work with them to design the Original Karuna House Wrap Mala Bracelet, working in the colors and the concept of their practice.

After that it was so much fun coming up with the first nine Karuna Bracelets. These smaller bracelets each have a sterling silver tag stamped with the word ‘karuna,’ Sanskrit for compassion. It was decided that the designs would all vary, making it easy to find the combination of natural gemstone beads that fits each individual person. But like the longer Wrap Malas, these bracelets are made of natural gemstones with handmade charms.

But the best part is that with each purchase of a bracelet 15% goes to help people with PTSD get treatment.

“Karuna Merchandise was developed as a way to spread the meaning and spirit of Karuna (compassion).  The Karuna House donates 15% of all sales to a fund that provides non-insured individuals seeking treatment for PTSD with financial assistance to help offset the cost of their treatment.” – Karuna House

I love that a piece of jewelry, always a meaningful object to the individual who wears it, can also help someone in need. And I am so thankful to be a part of this process!

Come and celebrate the grand opening of Karuna House and Neuroflex Juice!

Saturday, April 30
10 am – 4 pm
119 W. 2nd St. Perrysburg

Meet the beautiful people behind this amazing new healing center in Perrysburg’s historic downtown, look at some handmade, natural gemstone bracelets and explore the many things Karuna House has to offer. See you there!

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