Gerber Daisy Pendant - Detail

Growing Copper Gerber Daisies

One of my favorite flowers has always been Gerber daisies. So when I was asked to make a layered Gerber pendant I was super excited! The client wanted it done similarly to the tree pendant which was precisely the way I wanted to do it as well.

So after designing I started with cutting out the layers.

20160212_185938939_iOS (2)

Those little flowers are smaller than the top of a Bic pen cap!

20160214_234127552_iOS (2)

All the pieces of metal and wire were cut and there was still so much more to do.

20160214_233802926_iOS (3)

But first it’s good to make sure it all fits together. Putting the cut pieces together for the first time always makes me excited. It is like opening a present, giving me my first glimpse of what it will look like when it is finished.

20160215_133328945_iOS (2)

After hours of sanding and filing and polishing as well as dapping the little flower parts to give them a slight curve, it was finally time to assemble the whole piece together. Though, honestly, I have come to enjoy the whole process, including the mundane parts like filing and sanding. When I was younger I just wanted to see the finished piece. But now, I have fallen in love with the whole process. Each part is a beautiful and challenging step to be enjoyed equally with the satisfaction of a finished piece.

Gerber Daisy Pendant
Gerber Daisy Pendant – Detail

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