FOREST RIVER SONG: An Artist Comic Book by Sara Kear

My artist made comic book is not published on The Odd Ducks! Check it out along with the work of a lot of other awesome artists!

The Odd Ducks

Forest River Song was made with unryu paper, linen thread, board, Rendr paper and artist markers.  The most time consuming and enjoyable part of the process was laying out the pages to make sure that turning each one would uncover the next part of the story.  In its own small way the comic is about using meditation to sit with and overcome fear.  It is a reminder that all darkness passes and the world is always a beautiful place. –Sara


kear16Sara Kear is an artist working with metal, fiber, paper and stories.  A love of small objects has led her to making jewelry, small sculpture and little books filled with comics.  She lives in Ohio with a demonic cat which may be part of the reason why she enjoys making stories about girls fighting and sometimes befriending monsters.  After forming a truce with her cat, she is now pursuing a…

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