Two Pieces in Two Exhibitions

My Honey Bee Box gets to travel all over Ohio this summer with the Ohio Designer Craftsmen Best of 2015 Show! The exhibition is already underway at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus. After that it is on to The Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth and then The Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield. But you can view the gorgeous artworks right now by going to their online show! Be sure to look for Stocking Stuffer by Joshua Kosker, an amazing grad student at BGSU and SpeciMen Necklace by my fantastic metals teacher Andrew Kuebeck.


On top of that my Parrot Pectoral won the President’s Suite Award during the 2015 BGSU Undergraduate Exhibition and is now on display in the President’s Suite Exhibition at the BGSU Student Union for the next year!


Whew! It was an exciting semester. It is amazing to get the kind of encouragement I have been lucky enough to receive this past year.  I am very thankful to everyone, teachers, family and friends and many more who have helped and supported me as I pursue my passions.

And now it is on to summer session where I will be taking a book arts class and a class on rings and hand ornamentation. I can’t wait!

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