Combining Passions

Closed window design


I have always had more passions than time in a day. So whenever I find a way to combine my passions into a single project I get really excited. With this project I get to meld my love of metals with my joy of making comics, which has me really excited!


The process for this piece is also pretty crazy. After the initial sketch I had to figure out what would be a part of every layer. This ended up with more than ten pages of designs on tracing paper!


Next I had to take all of those into the computer to make more precise drawings of the frames. After making a bunch of layered pieces I’ve learned the hard way that precision on the design process makes cutting a whole lot easier.


From there I cut out all the paper pieces and attached them to the metal.


Then I finally got to start cutting! By the end of it I will have over 94 pieces to be attached to make the window. Each door and the center window will have about 18 layers of metal. It should be pretty solid!


It’s not all cut out yet but I’m making progress.  And when stacked up it is finally starting to look like the image in my head, which always improves motivation!


Mostly, I just enjoy cutting out the designs. It’s kind of medetative. Lucky for me there’s so many pieces to cut in the project!

And even better, I basically get to make a short metal comic book. Which is awesome!

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