Metals Artist in the Fancy Gala

Last Saturday my Honey Bee Box and Tar Hollow Brooch Series were invited to the Bravo! BG, a black-tie gala event to raise money for scholarships for students in the arts programs at Bowling Green State University.  And I was invited, too!

I met some very kind people who believe in the importance of promoting arts programs and their talented students. And I got to see many of those talented students doing what they love best!

There was so much to see it was impossible to catch every performance.  From Taiko drums to modern dance and violin duets and piano solos, everything was amazing.

20150328_224118 (2)

And my art pieces got to look all pretty on a pedestal for the night.

20150328_220331 (2)

It was an enjoyable night for everyone, patrons and presenters alike.  And it allowed patrons to see the the wonderful things their support could help nurture.

20150328_215231 (2)

Going to a black-tie gala was a very new experience for me and I was a little nervous.  I’m usually found in old jeans, t-shirts, and boots, not fancy dresses and high heels!  But everyone was so encouraging it was easy to relax and enjoy myself while talking about my work, the school and my teachers.

Now, it’s time to get back to that work part.  I have a new metals project underway and I’ll tell you all about it next time!



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