A Short Comic and an Update on the New Tea Set

And the Cycle Continues

Sometimes the lifespan of a project goes like this.  I’m somewhere between three and twelve weeks now.  Nothing quite looks like anything at this point.  Which is how projects always seem to start.

The more precise plan for the tea pot.
The cylinder that still is being bellied out to be more of an eggplant shape for the tea pot.

Mostly there has been an awful lot of hammering.

The beginning of the second cup.
The first cup is coming along.

It’s amazing that not long ago the two domes above were once flat circles of metal!  And now the first one is a shiny dimpled goblet!  Remembering that the little cup started as a flat sheet is a good reminder that everything always gets pulled together in the end.  All projects require a little bit of patience and determination!

Only a quick update on my project today, but next time I’ll explain the ghoulish process of raising cups from the dead!

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