H-E-L-L-O W-O-R-L-D, and a little about cardboard boxes

Hello and welcome to my shiny new artist blog!

I’ve made things (drawings, stories, jewelry, sculpture, the occasional catastrophe) all my life.  I don’t know how to not make things.  There was an attempt at stopping the madness of creating once.  Predictably, it failed miserably.  A couple years ago I returned to college to finish my Bachelors in Fine Arts and somehow fell into a Minor in Creative writing, too.  Oops.  Now, I have about two more years to go and I’m loving my classes – which are more like zealously dedicated play than school.

With this website I hope to share my work, some of the awesome shenanigans that go into making a piece, promote my many artist friends (we seem to collect each other), and generally create a corner in the gigantic arts community.

Artists need community, after all.  It’s a Darwinist survival thing.

I work in a coffee house (a place where coffee plays a close second to conversation) and the question I get asked most often when I admit that I’m an art student is, “What are you going to do with that?”

To which my answer for awhile was, “I’m going to live in a cardboard box.  But it will be a really pretty cardboard box.”

Okay, that’s not precisely my plan but occasionally I have a problem with snark.  It leaks out.  Honestly, I want to make things.  I want to get better at making things.  I want to see what other people are making.  And I want to have fun somewhere along the way.

Last semester I added these two pieces to my Really-Pretty-Cardboard-Box:

In the first I learned to needle-felt and the second I gained an elephantine amount of knowledge about soldering, forming and silver inlay.  The tea set still has some work to get it completely presentable, but the experience is always worth it.  Every projects builds on the one before it.  And all our passions (for me, art, writing, yoga, nature and so many more) influence each other in ways we can’t grasp to make us unique.

So welcome to my cardboard box/website/blog/place-to-gather-the-rebels-and-ramble!  Check back soon!

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